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Ruby* Went On Vacation Where She Didn't Do Much

But She Did Make Friends With An Imperial Palace Lion** And That's Got To Count For Something.

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* Yes, in real life I am currently a chunky brunette with buck teeth.  My existence is a crime against beautiful people everywhere, but it's mine.

** That's his happy face.

*** Let me clarify: mine, mine, my brother's, Shenyang China's, Shenyang's again, and mine.  (Possibly at a later date I'll share something about the Adventures of Sisterella, milk tea, acrobats, markets, the center of the universe, ceilings of China, and emperors who seem to have really enjoyed freezing temperatures and putting their concubines in great peril.)

Winter lies before me

I know I haven't been around and I apologize for that. Seems to be my MO this year as far as LJ and boolprop are concerned. But, rest assured, (for those who possibly were concerned) I'm alive and kicking. For the last month and a half, almost two months, my existence has been reduced to that of a walking talking contagion. Cold after cold and then flu which became bronchitis with laryngitis and eventually pneumonia. I'd like for it not to progress any further 'cause I'm pretty sure all that's left is hospitalization followed by death. I'm sure you can see how that would cramp my style. Fortunately, the antibiotics I'm taking are kicking the pneumonia's ass. I've been feeling a lot better and not a moment too soon on account of I need to be healthy enough to fly off to China on Monday.

You know, no big. Wake up, take a shower, brush teeth, check email, fly to China. Typical Monday.

For ha! I'm totally wiggin over here! Better be believing that I would be caps locking all over this entry if it was at all my style. It's all caps locky in my mind, I promise. I still haven't quite wrapped my mind around it even though all signs point to it being fact. I AM going. It reminds me of how when I was a kid I was convinced that I was older than my sister because my birthday comes three days before hers. She's two years older than me. See, I'm the one with the stupid. Reality and the world march on without me.

To sum it up (vaguely, for which I apologize), Andy and Diana asked me to come to help them out. Since I'm jobless and generally directionless this works out pretty well. I'll get to know Diana more, get to meet my nephew before anyone else, and still get to sightsee and be a good little tourist. I'm so excited! It's a very happy and fabulous thing. Or more a wonderful but moderately insane thing considering my general lack of money and the looming job-finding deadline I'm facing but either way I'm full of happy anticipation. (Apprehension too, but it's been my experience that the two typically go hand in hand.)

I've got my tickets and passport and my visa came just today so I'm all set and ready to go. I'll be there until Jan 13th and in both Beijing and Shenyang. I have no idea where else we'll go or what I'll actually get to do or see. I'm kind of leaving it up to my brother as, after all, he's been living there for the past nine years. I did request to go to the Beijing Opera and fully intend to see the Forbidden City and Great Wall but beyond that it's completely up in the air.

So, please, prayers (or good thoughts if prayers aren't your thing) for health and uneventful flights and safety and all that joy. I would very much appreciate it.

You told me to buy a pony

Love like this is hard to find

Don't you hate it when you're talking to someone about a movie you've never seen or a book you've never read and they ruin the ending for you?  Like they mention he dies in the end.  You can't pretend you don't know that!  It can't be unknown!  You can't... um.  Erg.

Ruby Will Use Just About Any Excuse To Send Her Sims On Vacation (Where They Don't Do Much) 
Part 2: Ruby Totally Ruined The Ending

Last time:  Well, it all started with a magical love tent.  Then there were crossed out rings and furiousness.  Somehow it all turned into a date with the world's best maid who decided to move in temporarily, win everyone's friendship, and ride off into the sunset* without so much as a Hey, Thanks For Being Okay With My Random Interloping note.
Click the tag if you need more than that.

*Sunsets may not have actually been involved.

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Makes my heart sing

Sims and computers and quilts, oh my! (+9)Collapse )

I should be able to post a new Ruby Took Some Sims On Vacation soon.  Possibly tomorrow.

Down but not out

So it turns out that working for a super secret agency really keeps you busy.  Man, all those days taking down evil bad men with exceptionally clever diabolical plans are tough.  Especially when you have no passport.  And when you aren't really very physically fit.  And you have a tendency to giggle in serious situtations.  It would probably help if I was better at telling believable lies too, huh?  Yeah, no.  It just turns out that depression is mad time consuming.  Who knew?

I'm so out of the loop it isn't even funny.  At first I wanted nothing to do with sims just because.  Their lives are far too happy.  I wish I could log onto my computer and instantly be hired for one of three great jobs.  Anyway, I got back to my simming and was going to post my update in April (or was it March?)  when what should happen but my computer died an unnatural death.  I have now been computerless for weeks.  I've been reduced to snatching a few minutes here and there on someone else's computer or at the library.

The bad news is that I lost a crap ton of CC I was working on (a skintone set (and I was so very nearly happy with it!), clothing, paintings, furniture) as well as my update.  However, I do have my external hard drive so not all is lost.  I still have my sims.  I'll have a lot of catching up to do to get them to where they were but I'm sort of looking forward to it.  I don't know what else I have on the external so I'm really not sure what else I've lost, although I do know I've nothing whatever of my lines, prints, croquis, or any of the projects I had been working on to round out my portfolio.  That was a blow.

The happy news is that I'm getting a new computer out of this!  Bless tax returns, for they are good.  I'll probably post about it once I have it.    My fingers are crossed that it will get here by Friday of this week.  If it doesn't get here by then there is a distinct possibly I will go out of my mind with anticipation and that doesn't sound like an overly favorable scenario.  So yay Friday!
I'm an ass, and I'm sorry.  It's very uncool to be all, "So this kinda crappy thing happened..." and then disappear for a week and a half.  I didn't do it on purpose. (Toddler outfits as apology?)

I've been all over God's green earth (or God's somewhat more depressing dingy white-ish grey and brown earth, depending on where you are) visiting a ton of friends that I've not seen in forever.  Some of that was because it's so easy to get caught up being busy and some of it is because I'm the world's most anti-social social butterfly.    Whatever the reasons, I've had such a great time catching up with everyone again and just having fun!  (And, hey, I still spent less in gas than what I would have if I'd been going to work.  I won't be missing the near two hour daily commute.)   Things have been pretty fantastic all around, even if I haven't sent out any resumes like I should have.  My bad.

I haven't been in the mood to read anything sim-related, nor have I been home long enough to do so.  Same goes for my legacy, despite the next update being 99.9% of the way done.  But, I've got all social gallivanting out of my system and, anyway, I've no means to leave the house because I loaned my car to my sister, so I've suspicions that will all change and rather soon too.

I'll be cavalier... I'll be yours, my dear

I lost my job today. 

They said it's an indefinite lay off, but as there was no timetable mentioned and I had to clear out my desk, I'm having trouble buying that.  I was upset about it at first, but I'm getting used to the idea.  My finances are not quite in a happy enough state that I'm fully cool with this, but it could be worse.  And, really, it's times like these that I am quite happy I don't have anyone depending on me.  If I can't get another job and can't pay all my bills and decide to wander the streets as a baglady, well, that's a new and interesting challenge, isn't it?  In the meantime, I get to sleep in, which is awesome.  I'll be able to collect unemployment as I finally get serious about my internship search, which is also pretty spiffy.  I can work on developing healthier eating habits again and take better care of myself.   I'll have time to sim and read to my heart's content. 

Yeah, I think I'm going to go with a positive outlook on this one. 

How's everybody else doing today?

Words don't work like Webster says

I would be done with my next update if not for Ephraim.  I loaded my game on Sunday and was surprised to find he had a black scalp.  Changing his appearance did nothing to help.  Deleting him and reentering the lot did nothing to help.  I was at a loss.  I admit that at one point I considered killing him off, although that would present story difficulties.  Plus, I do actually like him and I'd feel bad for Theda on account of I don't think I've ever seen two sims decide things quite so naturally (and adamantly) for themselves.

I've been playing around with making my own skin defaults for some time now and it occurred to me it might have something to do with that.  But no amount of switching defaults in or out would change it.  What's more, no other YA S3 males displayed the same issue.  Eventually it dawned on me to make a clone sim and use simsurgery.   Worked like a charm.  Alas, poor E Clone will be annihilated in my next townie purge.  Toodles, E, hardly knew you.

The Ephraim problem ate up a huge chunk of my playing time.  I'm hoping that possibly Thursday or Friday I'll be able to finish things up.  It depends how good I am at avoiding phone calls and thus avoiding making social commitments.  Do you ever just get the urge to chuck your phone down a really deep well?  Or, better yet, I remember one year when I went polar bearing, one of my friends accidentally dropped her cell phone into Lake Michigan.  I'd find a watery grave like that for the dratted thing if only it wasn't so hard to function without one.

I'm a member of the Irrational Cell/Mobile Hatred club.  Also, I whine a lot. 

In completely unrelated news, my Valentine's was pretty damn good, as these things go.  I listened to a CD Phedre made for me (theme: loneliness... we celebrate V-day in fine style) and gathered together a group of single friends to try to conquer half the world as well as bits of the moon in a few games of Risk 2210.  I didn't win any of the games, but I maintain this is because Franklin hexed my dice.  It's really the only logical explanation.
Just for a change of pace, I decided to give rubella a try last week.  You know, just wanted to do something different.  It had run its course and I was feeling perfectly healthy on Wednesday.  But when I got to work they were all, "Yeah, no.  You're contagious.  Go home.  We'll give you sick pay for the rest of the week."  I don't get any benefits, sick pay or anything else, so I wasn't about to argue.

So what do you do when you have three days of unexpected free time?

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